On June 16, 2017, the FLYINGCLOUD brand was successfully launched at the most prestigious Fashion event in French Polynesia:

The following year a partnership with MISS TAHITI was born, then in 2019 FLYINGCLOUD dressed the regional Miss of France during their stay in French Polynesia for the preparation of the election of MISS FRANCE 2020.

The FLYINGCLOUD swimsuit is now a must.

Our collections are created from typically Polynesian artistic themes:

The vintage "pareu", Tahitian fabric from the 1950s in minimalist tones, but also the profusion of flowers in dazzling colors, the green jungle of the Tahitian valleys, and the inescapable spell of surfing.


Our swimsuits are reversible, seamless and particularly flattering to the body. They are resistant to black sand whose grains do not penetrate the mesh of our high quality lycra.

Our products are designed in Tahiti and adapt to all curves.

The tops and bottoms are sold separately so that everyone can choose the most suitable size, or even to mismatch their outfits.


The objective of the FLYINGCLOUD house is to highlight women, but also to be part of an ecological approach and fair trade with constant ethical questioning.

Elegance, comfort and responsibility are thus at the origin of the label. A line of FLYINGCLOUD fashion jewelry is also available in stores in Tahiti.